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A new dimension of acceleration: Bosch launches world’s smallest MEMS accelerometers for wearables and hearables

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Easy-to-integrate variant with voice activity detection

  • World’s smallest MEMS accelerometers: 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.55 mm3.
  • Voice activity detection saves power and extends battery life in hearables.
  • Advanced features make it easy to integrate into portable products.

Space is at a premium in hearables, smartwatches and other portable consumer products, and all components must be as small as possible. At the same time, OEMs are demanding plug-and-play step counters and other sensors with built-in features that enable easy implementation without detailed application knowledge. To meet these challenges, Bosch Sensortec has announced the BMA530 and BMA580, the world’s smallest MEMS accelerometers. Both devices include built-in features making them easy to design with. BMA530 tracks activities with its step counter and is especially suitable for wearables, and BMA580 targets hearables with voice activity detection.

Compared to Bosch’s current generation accelerometer (BMA253), the BMA530 and BMA580 have a 76 percent smaller footprint and have been reduced in height from 0.95 mm to 0.55 mm. This size reduction is achieved with an innovative Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP). The small size of the accelerometers makes them easy to place on a PCB, and their integrated features make them easy for design engineers to integrate into their portable products. “The demand for tiny sensors with ever- increasing performance is growing as the industry moves towards more stylish and minimalist designs that require smaller sensors,” said Stefan Finkbeiner, General Manager and CEO of Bosch Sensortec. “The new BMA530 and BMA580 provide an ultra- compact, fully-featured solution to meet this demand.”

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