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Tappets for the MDS 3000 Series and MDS 1000 Series

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  • Tappets for the MDS 3000 Series and MDS 1000 Series

The tappet is one of the parts of the valve that is in direct contact with the dispensing medium. It is fitted into the valve casing from the outside.

Inside, the tappet is connected with the piezo by a lever in the MDS 3000 Series and with the actuator in the DST (Dynamic Shockwave Technology) based systems of the MDS 1000 Series. The expansion and contraction of the piezo triggers a movement that is transferred to the tappet via that lever. With the MDS 1000 Series, the actuator carries out the movement.

This results in a back and forth movement of the tappet that presses the dispensing medium through the orifice of the nozzle insert.

The tappet as well as the nozzle insert are wear parts. To achieve constantly good dispensing results, the tappet must be cleaned, greased or exchanged in regular intervals (appr. every 60-80 mio. shots or if it  moves sluggishly). For high frequency applications these intervals may be larger.

Please contact us, if you need support in selecting a tappet for your micro dispensing system. Our experts have long-standing experience in dispensing. We are glad to assist you in finding the right tappet model.  All our tappets are distinguished by size, type and material and have been designed for different dispensing media and applications.

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